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Far Cry 5 Download
So. That far cry 5 torrent Cry 5 ending. The one where we confront Joseph at the end and he gives us a final choice to either walk away from Hope County, or stay and resist him. Because of the way the game is structured and how the player is made to feel like a one man or woman killing machine, it’s painfully obvious that you’re meant to resist Joseph and engage in a final boss fight before the game ends. What ensues is yet another crazy drug trip (par for the course with Far Cry games, apparently) where Joseph teleports around in a cloud of Bliss while brainwashing your friends.
The player then has to shoot their friends till they’re near death, then revive them so that they can join your side in the fight. It’s rather wholesome, really. And when I went through the fight, I found myself thinking that this was probably the most feel-good boss fight I’d ever encountered in a Far Cry game. Sure, it was beyond annoying to have to revive 12 different allies in the fight while getting pelted with bullets from a teleporting maniac, but it was a nice sentiment, having to knock some sense into my friends and get them back on their feet. Getting all your allies back and joining forces to finally gun down this egotistical cultist felt pretty damn good, too. I got some serious Persona final boss vibes from that fight, which is always a nice thing.
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